At Waipara Hills our wine making philosophy is simple. It’s about creating balance, encouraging the characteristics of each season’s fruit to shine, and celebrating the Waipara Valley vineyards. The result is wine that is rich, textural and complex.

From the vineyard to the winery, our team are hands on, pouring a little of themselves into what they do.  Harvest signals the beginning of a new season, the chance to create wine that is distinctly Waipara Hills.


Krystal Palmer

Krystal Palmer is our winemaker.


After four years tripping around the globe, Krystal returned home to Marlborough, but with itchy feet. Looking for a career change, Krystal bowled up to the local polytech open day, seeking inspiration.


Inspiration was found and the rest is history – Krystal graduated with her Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln in 2012.


Krystal has experience across many facets of winemaking, including assistant viticulturist and winemaker, and has done vintages in Marlborough, Waipara, United States and China.


It is red wine that is Krystal’s passion, particularly a juicy pinot noir. “When I make Pinot Noir, it is in a hand off fashion. With minimal intervention, the purity and elegance of Pinot Noir really shines through.”


When it comes to her job, it’s the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people that Krystal thrives on. “As well as the science, I love the art and creativity of winemaking. It is fluid, never stagnant – there are so many challenges and different branches to winemaking. I love that.”


Outside of work hours, you’ll find Krystal with her family, on the stage singing, dancing or acting, or in the surf.